Domaine Pinnacle Canadian Distillery of the Year


By Sebastien Robillard
Twitter: @fashionbpm

Holiday season is right around the corner and what better to entertain your guest than local products. Thanks to Domaine Pinnacle I just received my care package for the holidays. I’ll be able to entertain my guest with Chic Choc spiced rum, the premium Ungava Dry Gin and Quartz Vodka both winner of a silver medal at the New York International Spirits Competition. Not only did they received those two silver medals but they also had the honor of receiving  one of the most prestigious award of the competition been named the CANADIAN DISTILLERY OF THE YEAR.

So hit your local SAQ and get some local award winning products for your festivities. I will be trying them out and let you know how I liked them.

For more info:


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