San Diego

By Sebastien Robillard  @fashionbpm A few discoveries from my last trip to San Diego, It was not my first time visiting this beautiful city but it had been some time I had not step foot there. My schedule was pretty hectic but I still found some time to explore and discover some restaurants and activities […]


By Sebastien Robillard  Twitter: @fashionbpm  I had tickets to the Grands Ballets Canadien and was looking for a place to have dinner first. All the usual restaurants around Place des Arts were full but then I had a flash that Notkins was not too far away. I had been a few times for drinks […]

Balsam Inn 

  By Sebastien Robillard  Twitter: @fashionbpm  Having last-minute dinner plans on a Saturday night can be problematic unless you want to hit one of your regular spots. I wanted to try something new and was lucky enough to get a reservation at Balsam Inn. The decor is great just as the other restaurants from […]


By Sebastien Robillard  @fashionbpm Located in an old firehouse the first thing that will strike you is the amazing decor and feel to the place. I love the mix of old brick walls and hard wood that gives a warm feel to the place. High ceiling and open kitchen also complement the look of […]

Boston Weekend

By Sebastien Robillard  @fashionbpm  With the long Victoria Day weekend and summer vacation around the corner I thought I would share some of the spots I’ve discovered on my last trip to Boston. Shopping For a little or bigger shopping you’ll want to hit Newbury street,you will find most of the brand names on that […]

La Société

By Sebastien Robillard  @fashionbpm  I have been to La Société many times for brunch but I had never tried it for lunch. I decided to try it and headed there with a friend on a Tuesday for diner. We had a reservation but the place is relatively quiet during the week. After a cocktail and […]