Balsam Inn 


Photo Credit : Balsam Inn website

By Sebastien Robillard  Twitter: @fashionbpm 

Having last-minute dinner plans on a Saturday night can be problematic unless you want to hit one of your regular spots. I wanted to try something new and was lucky enough to get a reservation at Balsam Inn. The decor is great just as the other restaurants from the same group (Dominion Square Tavern, Baldwin Barmacy and Wiskey Cafe) and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The menu is based on Italian cuisine but I wouldn’t categorize it as an Italian restaurant. The portions are to share just like spanish tapas and if you are hungry I would suggest to pick one of each category that they offer to get a food taste of what they have to offer. We started by ordering some wine and they have a good selection and also offer some by the glass which I always like as not everyone as the same taste. We ordered our food a flat bread, similar to Naan bread, cooked in their wood oven and covered with marinated mushrooms. For meat we chose the Zaatar veal chops were also tender and cooked to perfection. For pasta we had the Oriecchiete with pancetta and parmesan that were also excellent. Shrimps and season vegetable completed the menu with ”the donut of the day” for desert.  I really enjoyed my experience and the quality and preparation of their food. The small details that are also put into the decor is always fun, bathrooms are actually pretty cool with the old school tank and chain, powdered soap and recess hand dryers.
Balsam Inn
1237 Melcalfe, Montreal, H3B 2V5


Photo Credit : Balsam Inn
Photo Credit : Balsam Inn


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