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After my visit to Vin Papillon I wanted to pay a visit to Liverpool House and work my way up to getting a reservation at Joe Beef. Getting a reservation was not that complicated and if it’s a last minute decision I would recommend using the DINR app as you can get last minute reservations.
The format of Liverpool House is somehow similar to Vin Papillon as far as layout and here too menu is written on blackboards. If you haven’t read my last post, I was mentioning that while you wait for your table it’s a good idea to look at the menu as they don’t have a printed version.
I can tell you that it’s though to choose from the menu, everything looks good and since the food is pretty rich (you can call it double cheat day) you want to try and resist to go all out. Unfortunately I can’t follow my own advises and we practically rolled out of the restaurant after our meal. The best way if you want to try several dishes is to share, just mention it to your server and they’ll bring you side plates which will make it easier. Both appetizers and main course are generous portions and depending on your party 2 appetizers could easily be good for 3-4 people although with the appetizing description it makes it hard to stop there.
Since it was hard to choose we ended up ordering 3 appetizers, Lobster Perogie, Deer Tartar and Rabbit nuggets. My favorite was by far the nuggets, they were flavorful and a regular size portion for 2 people. The deer tartar was also excellent and I find it’s always fun to have some game meat on a menu, as for portion this could have been a meal. Honestly most restaurants will not serve you as much when you order the diner portion. At this point I guess I don’t really have to mentioned that the Lobster Perogie were overkill. In my opinion they were just good, I was expecting to get more lobster flavor but it was hardly present. After all that food this when we realized the train got off the rails when the Lobster Spaghetti showed up with the Scallops with courge grenobloise. The problem was that the food was so good we just could not stop. That Spaghetti is so rich but yet so good…. the Scallops were a perfect with that dish if you are sharing I would suggest that match. Again very generous portions, 5 good size scallops and some nice pieces of lobster in the Spaghetti.
Great wine selection again at this restaurant and staff is helpful if you’re not sure of what to choose and again will bring you a nice price range in their suggestions.
Really like my experience here also as my only disappointment were the Perogies. Next step will be Joe Beef and I can’t wait to give it a try as food as been excellent up to now.
Open Tuesday to Saturday 5pm-close
Liverpool House
2501 Rue Notre-Dame W
+1 (514) 313-6049

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