Hiking: Mont Nixon

This is a 8.1 km loop hike with 424 m of elevation gain located in the Mont Tremblant National Park. The drive from Montreal is about 1 hour 30 minutes. The cost is 8.75$ if you don’t have a SEPAQ Anual Card. To reach the entrance to this trail you will have to Lac Superieur, take the Chemin Tour du Lac road until Chemin Canton Archambault. Once you’re on Chemin Canton Archambault you will see the parking lot after roughtly 1km of driving.

The hike is moderate as it’s 8 km but if you take the loop clockwise you will be going a steep climb of 4km. The trail is very well indicated except at a couple of points but not enough to really get off trail.

There are quite a few view points and they are all worth stopping at. One will bring you at the top of a cliff and it’s a straight down view from the edge. If you’re scared of heights you might want to skip it. If the trail is very muddy or icy be very careful as going off that cliff would most likely be deadly and to get there you have to go down a slope. There are ropes cordoning the area but they would not stop someone from going through.

On my visit the trail was very muddy and it is a rocky trail in some area. It was slippery and the hiking poles prevented a few slips.

If you’re looking for a short hike with great views that gives a bit of a challenge this is a good trail to hike.

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