Blind Bubbly Taste Test



If anyone has known me for awhile, they will know that I love two things besides real estate: writing and, well….anything bubbly, especially champagne. Naturally, I was beyond delighted when my good friend and past blog partner Seb sent me a very interesting invite and asked me to go to an event/tasting on his behalf to contribute to his blog.  The invite was for a Bubbly Taste Test in Brickell (one of Miami’s hottest downtown areas) at the Conrad Hotel. The event/tasting was hosted by SYLTBAR, a premium prosecco and sparkling rose brand.

When I arrived to the semi-private event at the Conrad’s rooftop terrace, I was warmly welcomed and immediately felt at ease although I came alone. Claus Blohm was beyond friendly and immediately offered me a seat their table which was full of delicious appetizers. As I socialized with other “blind bubbly tasters”, he poured two glasses of bubbly without telling me what he was serving me; instead, he just asked me to provide feedback on the provided paper.

The one on the left was paler, lighter with just the right “fruitiness” and just enough bubbles. The one on the right was a tad darker and although it had less bubbles, it felt like the alcohol presence was stronger. In fact, I even told Claus “I feel like a few glasses of this could make my head spin” as I referred to the second glass.

I had to make a choice! Without any hesitation, I chose the glass on the left as my favorite because of how light it was. I could picture myself on a beach with some fresh oysters enjoying a glass (or two…or three) of whatever it was that they gave me. The verdict was that I favorited SYLTBAR’s prosecco over….Veuve Clicquot. Yes you read right. I chose a delicious $20 prosecco over the prestigious Veuve. Surprising? Yes. Would I change my choice? Absolutely not.

Here are some interesting facts about SYLTBAR

  • Made in Friuli, Italy
  • 100% Glera Grape
  • 4 month fermentation, only fruit sugar left
  • Only 49 calories per 6 oz glass, no added sugar (which explains why it didn’t make my head spin as much)
  • Very low carbs
  • Delightful, Clean & Refeshing
  • White Peach, Golden Apple & Lemon Notes (the fruitiness I loved)
  • 11.5% alcohol

I was delighted by this Prosecco and even happier it could be found at stores like Whole Foods or Fresh Market at a price that is beyond reasonable. I was even more delighted when they gifted me a bottle of their premium sparkling rosé which I cannot wait to try.

This brand would definitely have its place in Montreal! I know most of my friends would love this prosecco.

To get more information on Syltbar, visit or write them at

And the winner for the evening……

Bar price

BY Sarah Desamours 
TWITTER: @thefancyrealtor




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