Hiking: Trois Sommets Mont-St-Joseph,Mont-Victoria, Mont-Mégantic


Fees: $8.75 or SEPAQ access card Level: Difficult Parking: Yes Services: Yes

This is a 15.8 km hike with 716 m of elevation gain located in the Mont Mégantic National Park. The drive from Montreal is about an 2h30min. This trail is located in the Observatoire sector.

The hike is hard it starts with a 470 m climb over 3.6 kilometres to reach the summit of Mont-St-Joseph. This area has a few picnic tables, a shelter and a small church. This will be your first view point and the view are spectacular. From there you will make your way to Mont-Victoria which is about 1.8 km away and is a easy path as it plateau’s and is roughly at the same lever as Mont-St-Joseph. Again this is has a beautiful view and gives you another angle of the land. From there you will follow a down path for about 1 km before starting your ascension to the summit of Mont-Megantic where the observatory is at. The climb will take you from 893m to 1100m over 3km. Great views again from there and after resting on some Adirondack chairs you can make your way back down with your final 5km to the entrance.

When we went the parking at the main gate was full and it added 2km to our hike. If you are patient there is a shuttle bus that takes you from the field they use as a parking to the main entrance.

The trails are well indicated and maintain, the trails are very rocky. Hiking shoes are good but if you have boots that will be even better. I took out the hiking poles also for this hike and I was glad to have them. Bring plenty of water, when I went it was only 6 degrees but I still manage to go through 2 litres of water.

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