Hiking: Le Lac-aux-Américains


Fees: $8.75 or SEPAQ access card Level: Easy Parking: Yes Services: Yes

This is an 2.6 KM hike with 80 m elevation gain located in the Parc national de la Gaspesie . The drive from Montreal is roughly 8h15m or 6h from Quebec City. The access for the trail is 10 minutes past the Mont Albert Discovery and Visitors Centre.

This is an in and out trail and even if it’s a short trail but the pay off is worth it. The trail is on a path and you won’t need any special gear to do it. If you’re on your way to do Mount Xalibu you will use this trail and see the lake.

The views from the platform at the lake are gorgeous. The lake surrounded by mountains is so calm and makes for great reflection pictures.

If you’re looking for a short easy hike with a great view that trail fits the profile

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