Pub Brewskey

By Sebastien Robillard Twitter: @fashionbpm Email: If you’re looking for a cool little pub in the old port this could be a good spot for you. Located in the Marché Bonsecour Market, Pub Brewskey offers 12 Beer taps with rotating beers form breweries such as Les Trois Mousketaire, Charlevoix, Dunham, Brasseurs Ilimité, Ras l’Boc. They also have […]

LeCHOP 2016

Montreal is an eclectic place where gastronomy is part of the DNA of the city. Each season features a culinary event, from the food trucks in the summer months to the Montreal à Table in fall. This winter, as the temperature drops, Ville-Marie Collection drops the prices on exclusive tables d’hôte created by the executive […]

Cactus Club Cafe

By Sebastien Robillard Twitter: @fashionbpm Email: If you have been following Iron Chef America for a long time you’ve probably heard of Rob Feenie, he was the first Canadian to win that show. In 2008 he joined the Cactus Club Cafe as Food Concept Architect so going there you can enjoy some food inspired by him. […]