Mionetto Prosecco


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Who doesn’t like champagne, but have you ever tried Prosecco?  I’m an aficionado of Italian cuisine and drinks but that has nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact don’t take my word for it but here’s some stats that might surprise you, in 2015 sales of Prosecco surpassed Champagne by 20 millions bottles selling 326 millions bottles vs 306 millions for Champagne*.

That’s why I was very pleased to be invited to the Mionetto launch that was held at Restaurant Fiorellino. During the evening we got to try their newly available at SAQ Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut “The” Prosecco paired with lots of tasteful appetizers. The pairing was just perfect and really displayed the wide occasions and food you can replace wine, champagne or even desert wine by Prosecco as Lino Lozza pointed out during a presentation of the evening menu.

It was truly a wonderful event, the decor, the food and the ambiance were the perfect setting to enjoy glasses after glasses of Prosecco. You can purchase the Treviso Brut for 18.95$ at the SAQ which is very good for this product. For under 20$ it’s actually quite complex in it’s tastes and it  paired very well with all the different dishes we got to sample that night.

As for Mionetto their history dates back to 1887 when winemaker Francesco Mionetto opened the Mionetto winery in the hills of Valdobbiademe in the heart of the Coneglianno-Valdobbiademe DOCG area. Since then the evolution has made them a shinning example of Prosseco production in the international scene as well as a pionneer in exporting Prosecco in the United States since 1998. Since 2008 Mionetto has been taking over by Henkell & Co. Grupe, based in Wiesbaden retaining continuity of managment style and cultural ties with the winery’s territory of origin. Mionetto is marketed now in more than 40 countries around the world.

*(source combination from IWSR and Consortium sales statistic; Category: Prosecco, year 2015, figures in 1.000 1/1)



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