Hiking: Seven Waterfalls Loop


Fee: $9.00 Level: Difficult Parking: Yes Services: Yes

This is a 10.5 km hike with 618 m of elevation gain located in the Parc Regional des Sept Chutes. The drive from Montreal is about an 1h45 min. The cost of entry is 9$ for adults but they have limited entry, once parking are full they do not accept additional visitors .

The hike is hard it starts with a very rocky terrain they have ropes along the path to assist your climb. On a muddy day it makes it harder as you might be slipping and sliding. The trails are identified but there’s a couple of forks that are confusing. The first portion is a constant assent that at a few points are steep. Once it starts to go down you’ll enjoy a nice view on the lake and at Mont Brassard across it, that is your next point of view. Once you reach the fork the climb to the Balcon du Nord will be your last one.

The first real view point is when you reach the view point for Ste-Emilie and Mont Barriere. There’s also several view point from Lac Remi where you have a view on Mont Brassard across it. When you reach Balcon du Nord you’re at 600 m and the view is worth the hike. Don’t miss the rest of the view points on your way down as when you reach Le Pic the view to the valley with road 158 passing in the middle is worth seeing.

There are several trails and since most of them meet or cross you can build your own hike but you will have to go through the rocky portion to get there.

The trails are pretty clear and clean but there is a portion on the climb that is very rocky. I recommend hiking boots for this one as it makes it easier to twist an ankle specially on the way down.

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