Hiking: Mont Chauve


Fee: $8.75 or annual SEPAQ card Parking: Yes Services: No

This is a 12.7 km hike with 555 m of elevation gain located in the Mont Orford National Park. The drive from Montreal is about an 1h30min. The cost is 8.75$ if you don’t have a SEPAQ Anual Card. There are a couple of entrance for this trail, this one was from Ruisseau David entrance.

The hike is moderate it starts a 4.5 km climb of 280 m at kilometre. It’s mostly a 45 degrees slope except at a few points where you need to go through large boulders. The trails are well identified and well maintained.

The view points along the way are nice but the main ones are at the summit. From the top you can see Lake Fraser, Stukely and Brompton from one of the points.

The trails are pretty clear and clean but there is a portion on the climb that is very rocky going. Hiking shoes are good but if you have boots that will be even better.

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