Hiking: Round Top and Lake Spruce


Fee: $7.00 Level: Difficult Parking: Yes Services: Yes

This is a 7.1 km hike with 441 m of elevation gain located in the Parc d’environement Naturel de Sutton. The drive from Montreal is about an 1h 30min. The cost for enty is 7$ for 1 adult, purchase your ticket in advance or at the gate .

The hike is hard on the second portion that will take you to Round Top. The first portion is rocky but the last 600 m to the top will go through stairs and even a portion of ”V” shaped rock that you will require to cross with the help of ropes.

It’s a nice trail and once you reach Spruce Lake you get a beautiful view and area to picnic. Like I mentioned the portion to Round Top is more difficult but the views are amazing. You get to see the mountains in Vermont and on a clear day you see Jay Peak in the distance.

There is 8 trails that vary from since most of them meet or cross you can build your own hike but check on their website to see how long it will take you. They are very organized at the gate and will guide you based on the time you allow for your hike. If you’re an avid hiker base yourself on your pace as they really buffer for worst case scenario and slow hikers.

I saw some kids on the trail portion leading to the lake but not to Round top, I’m sure some can do it but it is quite a climb if they can’t do it before reaching the top.

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