Take-Out: Joe Beef

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I always enjoy Joe Beef but as you well know it can be hard to get a reservation there. Since we’re in lockdown and there is no reservation in any restaurants right now what better time to try Joe Beef if you never had the chance.

You can now order for pick up or delivery from noon Wednesday to Saturday. Most meals are for two people unless specified other wise on the website. You can order food but also wine, you will find pairing suggestions next to the meal you are interested in on the menu section of their website. You need to place your order 24 hours ahead of time but you will also have to put in a bit of work. The meals are pre-cooked but you need to reheat them. Most of the meals are easily just heated in the oven but I saw that the lobster spaghetti you will need to do it in a pan on the stove which is still not complicated.

For my part I had the classic beef bourguignon made of flatiron steak, bacon, sweet onions, button mushrooms and carrots in a veal juice with red wine. Preparation was very easy 20-25 minutes in the oven, I kept it there 25 and it was perfect. I had my doubts about how it would taste since it was reheated but to my delight it tasted as fresh as if it came out of their kitchen.

You can order on their website: Joe Beef Take-Out Menu

With everything happening in the province if you can you should treat yourself to delivery or take out from them or any other restaurants that you normally enjoy. For me it brings back the restaurant feeling at home (aside from the ambiance) and at the same time it supports our local restaurants that need help during these times.




Joe Beef Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Pick your box up
Take off the nice wrapping paper
Remove cover and place in the oven

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