Le Vin Papillon

By Sebastien Robillard
Twitter: @fashionbpm
Email: fashionbpm@gmail.com

If you’re a foodie Montrealer or not you’ve most likely heard of Joe Beef. What not everyone as heard of is another member of this restaurant family called Vin Papillon. Boasting a varied menu that changes regularly based on local produce and an extensive wine list where you should not have too much trouble getting a table. The reason why you will not have a problem getting a table is that they do not take reservation, they work on a first come first served format that makes it great for locals and out of towners to enjoy the cuisine of yet another great restaurant from David Macmillan. Now let’s not get excited, you still might have to wait to get a table as the for lots of people this is not a secret. I showed up with a friend during the week and we were lucky to get 2 seats at the bar after a 10 min wait. I always like to sit at the bar as I find staff often as more time to interact with you and you never really have to wait long when you need something.

While you wait it’s a good idea to take a look at the menu that’s written on blackboards on the walls. This is the only menu and wine list you can refer to as they do not have printed version. We found it a little annoying as we love food and often get carried away and uncertain about our choices. We had to go back a few times to finally be able to make a final decision on what diner would be. It’s the same thing for the wine list but the staff is very knowledgeable of their wines and can help you pick a bottle that will blend well with your meal. One thing I appreciated from the staff was that their recommendations had a good range in prices, I find it unfortunate when waiters tend to always recommend expensive bottles as to my opinion they are not always the best match or to my licking. They also have wine by the glass that came be a good option if not everyone in your party as the same taste but they have a wider selection by the bottle.

Format is tapas style and meant to be shared, our menu consisted of bochettes de bourgot, Brussels sprouts tree, duck hearts sausage, British Columbia clams with salami, fried topinambour with almonds and Parmesan and some Quebec mushrooms. The Brussels sprout were topped with a cheese sauce and were excellent, It’s a way to serve them that you don’t see often in restaurants but that makes sens so the cheese sauce doesn’t soak the bottom ones only.  We finished the meal with some Gummy Bears made out of wine and spirits.

This was a nice experience for my first visit and first visit at one of this groups venue. Since this visit I’ve tried Liverpool House and Joe Beef and you’ll get to read my opinion on these restaurants in the next posts.

Open Tuesday-Saturday 3pm-midnight

Le Vin Papillon
2519 Notre Dame West
+1 (514) 354-7833

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