The way to a better and closer shave



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I remember as a very young kid my dad had given me is old safety razor. No he was not a bad dad he obviously had removed the blade from hit and I could just put foam on my face and pretend I was shaving by removing it with the razor. As I got older I realized that what seemed amazing and fun as a kid was actually a pain every morning.

When I started shaving I realized electric razors were not for me so I started using the double blade disposable razors. As years gone by we are now at a point where those disposable razors have more blades that I can count and are getting more and more expensive. That’s when I told myself that there had to be a better way and started to do a little research. I found a few articles stating the benefits of the safety razor, closer shave, less ingrown hairs and cheap.

I visited a couple of places that sells razors but no one seemed to have a proper knowledge to correctly guide me in my purchase. From what I had read some razors are more appropriate for beginners than others if you don’t want to cut yourself. I personally went to Vasco on Ste-Catherine, if you guys don’t know that place you need to go and checkout their stuff. Anything a gentlemen wants they have it, from cigars and cigar accessories to pens, lighters, decanters and flasks and obviously some razors and brushes.

The gentlemen who served me was super helpful and confirmed what I had read and guided me to the proper handle and blades to use. When I mentioned that is was also a cheap way to shave you’ll of course have to invest in the razor it self. I got the Mueller made in Germany that was 50$, it’s not that much considering you’ll get 4-5 cartridges for 20$ and more for most disposable brand. Where it actually gets cheap is when it’s time to buy blades. I was gonna buy some online but then after talking to my barber he was more than happy to sell some to me.  Now if I almost lost you at 50$ for the razor this is where I’ll get your interest again, the cost for 120 blades was 22$!!! If you’re not good in math I’ll help you out, this is 18 cents a blade. I use to have to change blades once a week on my disposable razor, at the same rate I’ll be able to change blade and shave for less than 10$ per year.


I’ve been using the razor for 2 months now and I change my blade every week but it’s usually still sharp. I’ve noticed that my skin is actually better and the shave is closer than with my previous “7” blades disposable one. As for ingrown s I never really had that problem so I wouldn’t know if it’s better or not.

As this purchase as lead my to discuss shaving with some of my buddies I thought I’d share some basics as I realized that not everyone knows the proper way to take care of their face. First you should use a good soap or cream, I personally like to use soap and shaving brush. It’s not more work and your soap will last you a while. You should also always moisturized your skin after shaving, I know we’re men and we’re rough and tough but your skin will thank you for it. If you cut yourself stop sticking pieces of Kleenex on the cuts, you can use alum block or styptic pen which cost a couple of dollars and will stop the bleeding right away. It’s  my personal favorite as I find it works more effectively than the alum and if you want to score points with your girl share this one with her to and you can thank me later. My last advice, you should never shave against the grain, that is one of the major cause of ingrown hair. Below is also a cool tutorial video.


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