The best BYOB I’ve been to in Montreal


By Sebastien Robillard  @fashionbpm

If you’re like me I guess you have a hard time to associate very good food to BYOB restaurants. I mean don’t get me wrong I’ve found quite a few ones that were good and that match or surpassed quite a few other full service restaurants. I just had a hard time to put amazing food and BYOB together, well that was before I visited Le P’tit Plateau. I don’t know how I ended up wanting to try this place but I had seen good comments about the place and wanted to try it. I’ve made a reservation for a Saturday night, they offer 2 service one at 5:30pm and one at 8:30pm, I opted for the latter. When I got there I like the vibe just looking in from the window. One detail that I noticed on the door was also a 2012 Zagat sticker on the door with is a good and rare thing in Montreal.

I was welcomed at the door as soon as I walked in but not in a too formal way, more the way someone would welcome you into their house which I personally always like. After sitting me down and opening my wine bottle the waiter brought me the menu and told me he would be back to answer my questions.  My friend was a little late due to construction, sidewalk sale and lack of parking but the gentlemen was very courteous and just told me that due to the neighborhood regulations no matter what he had to close by 11pm. I only found out after that there is a parking right across the street, unfortunately the entrance is not visible unless you are coming from Mont-Royal street and are looking for it.

When my friend finally found parking and joined me we placed in our order. I had a vichyssoise of leak and spinach, for appetizers we both had the house specialty  “Foie Gras Maison Cuit au Torchon”. The Foie Gras was quite a generous portion and very good and the waiter insisted we didn’t leave the tiniest little piece on our plates. My main course was the lamb shank confit that is roasted in it’s juice for 15hrs and covered with almonds. It was simply delicious, tasty but simple, and I just mean by simple that it was not overpowered by different flavors.  My friend had the Grilled red deer in wine sauce with foie gras. She really like and described it as ” Prepped, seasoned and served as it should without been overwhelmed in creams, sauces, butter and oil.” After finishing our wine I did something that I rarely do which is having desert. I let the waiter temp me in a classic Creme Brulée that was excellent as well.

If you are looking for a BYOB with excellent food I would say that you must try this place. In my opinion this unpretentious little gem boast some of the finest French food in the city. Pair that with the friendly kind of familiar staff and you are in to enjoy a beautiful evening.


Foie Gras

Lamb Shank

Creme Brulé

Red Deer & Foie Gras

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