Take-Out: Yokato Yokabai

A snowy winter can be beautiful but the chilling minus temperatures can be really hard on everyone, what better way to get over those cold days then with a good warming soup. Personally a soup won’t fill me up so I always need something else if I don’t want to get hungry too quickly.

That’s why I love ramen soups! It gives you the comfort of the warm soup but with the more filling noodles. Let’s take a second to clarify , I’m not talking about the little packs of ramen you get at the store for a dollar, I’m talking about a real ramen made in Japanese restaurants or Izakayas.

Few years ago it was hard to find a good ramen in Montreal but now there are quite a few places out there that offer extremely tasty ramens. My favorite place is Yokato Yokabai. The restaurant is on the corner of Drolet and Rachel in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood. You would normally recognize the place because of the line up in front.

The reason why it’s really good is that ramen is what they do. Their 3 steps concept is quite simple :

Step 1: No need for reservations here at Yoka. Simply show up and take a seat!

Step 2: Fill out your paper menu.

Step 3: Hand your paper to your waiter. Our ramen is made on the spot and ready to be served fast!

With the restriction in place for the pandemic, the steps almost work the same way but throughout food delivery apps. The only extra step if you want to make sure your ramen will be awesome is to bring the broth to a boil when you receive your order before adding it to your noodles.

Let’s talk about the broth, that really is what makes a huge difference in the ramen and theirs are good. I tried both the Tonkotsu and the Gomami they are both the thicker and creamier type broths and they are rich and filled with taste. But since everyone have different tastes here’s the menu to give you an idea of the broth, topping and noodle choices you have when selecting your ramen.

As you can see you will have some choices to make and if you’re in the mood they have a couple of appetizers. I ordered the Karaage with my order and with the soup made the perfect meal.

If you have suggestions for me for another good ramen place to try leave it in the comments.

You can visit their site and order online Yoka Resturant




Yokato Yokabai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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