Valley Of Fire State Park

Version Francaise

If you’re in Las Vegas or just visiting Nevada I would strongly suggest you visit this park. It’s only an hour away from Las Vegas but the scenery is spectacular. The cost to enter the park is 15$ for non-Nevada resident and 10$ for residents.

Since I write a lot about hiking let me get this straight you do not need to be a hiker to visit this park. Sure there are some sites that will require some walking but you have a lot of them that are less than a KM away from the parking lots.

If you are entering the park by the west entrance, and before even getting to the visitor center you can right away see 2 sites that are just a few steps away from the parking lot.

The first one will be Atlatl Rock. Going up some stairs you will see some petroglyphs on the stoneface, and you will also get a nice view from that point.

Atlatl Rock

The second one is the Arch Rock. You cannot get close to it and climbing the rocks are not permitted but you will get a good view at the Arch from just a few steps away.

Arch Rock

As you get to the visitor center you will be able to get a map of the park with clear indications of parking and picnic areas. If you’re planning to do a few State Parks in Nevada or if you just want a souvenir, ask for your passport it’s free and they will stamp it for you at every Nevada State Park you visit.

Before you leave the visitor center take a short walk down the path to see the balancing rock. It’s pretty cool and it makes great pictures.

Depending how much time you are planning to spend there you can pretty much see all the sites if you get there early. Getting there early will also help you avoid the line ups to get into the park later on during the day.

Now if you want to hike here are a few hikes to do. I did these 2 and I would say that Fire Wave is a must if you want to see all the beautiful rock formation and pink canyons.

Hiking: Fire Wave, White Domes and Seven Wonders Loop

Hiking: Rainbow Vista Trailhead

Pack a lunch and a great place to picnic is the Seven Sisters a rock formation that have some restrooms and covered picnic tables. They even have a few BBQ if you’re planning a bigger lunch.

I didn’t get to do all the sites in one day, but I did quite a few. Here are some pictures of what you can see while in the park.

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