Hiking: Rainbow Vista Trailhead

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Fees: 10$ for Nevada resident or 15$ for non-resident Parking: Yes Facilities: Yes

This is a 1.6 km out and back hike located in Valley or Fire State Park, Nevada. The elevation gain is only 49 meters and the trail is easy. I drove from Las Vegas and it took 1h to get there. Most trails have parking areas but I would pick up a map at the visitor center and plan my day accordingly.

It is an easy trail, but you will be walking on stones and soft sand just like you would find on the beach or in dunes, so it does make it a bit more difficult. The trail will lead you all the way to a viewpoint that overlooks Fire Canyon.

There are other trails in the park that give you nicer viewpoints, but this is a short trail that gives you a good pay off. Also, if you’re looking to do the ”Road” shot that everyone takes in Valley of Fire that’s a good place to park and take your shot.

There weren’t many people on the trail, but I strongly suggest if you’re going to hike this park that you get there early. By 11am on the weekends it gets hard to find a parking spot and you might have to wait a bit for someone to go so you can take their spot.

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