Goose Island IPA


By Sebastien Robillard @fashionbpm

Last week I was invited to the #MigrationWeek event at Suwu to taste a new beer coming to Canada the IPA from the Goose Island Beer CO. Although you might not have heard of this brewery before they are not new. The company made it’s beginning in 1988 in the Chicago area and have been making craft beer ever since.  They also introduced their Belgian style beers the Matilda and Sofie to Canada back in 2013.

During the evening we obviously got to try the new comer the English Style IPA, winner of 6 medals at the American Beer Festival but also the Honker’s Ale, the Sofie and the Matilda also brewed by Goose Island.

If you are not familiar with IPA (India Pale Ale) it’s origins goes back to 18th century England. Since there was no refrigeration on boats during their long voyage brewers develop a technique of adding alcohol and hop to blond beers to preserve it during the trip. The result made a stronger beer with more of a bitter taste. Although those days are over, the IPA’s are still around and is the style of craft beer with the fastest growth.

The Goose IPA is an English style IPA with 5.9% alcohol. I tasted it and I have to say the bitterness is not as pronounced in this beer and I thought I detected a little citrus taste to it. Overall a very nice beer and if you haven’t acquired a taste for IPA yet, it could be a good place to start as people are often thrown off by the bitterness. Goose Island IPA Bottle - copie

The Honker’s Ale was also very good, it’s an English Style Bitter with 4.3% alcohol. As the style says it, it as a slight bitter taste and is a more full bodied beer with a hint of sweetness.

Honker's bottle - copie (1)

The Sofie is a Belgian Style Farmhouse beer with 6.5% alcohol. This beer is a sparkling beer with  a nice peppery and clove taste.


The Matilda is a Belgian Style Pale Ale with 7.0% alcohol. I also thought this was a well balanced beer with a spicy/sweet taste.

sImage (1)

Since I’m a beer lover, I was delighted to be invited to this event and to be introduced to these beers. The description are my own and I am in no way a self proclaimed beer expert. I think beer is mostly a matter of taste for everyone, you’ll find below a list of the different establishments carrying this beer in Montreal. Give it a try and let me know what you thoughts are…Cheers!!!



IMG_1681 IMG_1674

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