Grilled Cheese Festival

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Grilled Cheese offert chez L’Empanaché Restaurant | Bar à vin

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From April 29 to May 8, nearly 100 restaurants in Quebec will participate in the 2nd edition of Grilled Cheese Festival! During these 10 days, restaurateurs and consumers come together to create and experiment with new recipes.


Anything goes!
Try a “Fondant Mexico” (MLT DWN), “grilled cheese CHEESEBURGER” (Le Gras Dur), grilled Cheese pulled pork and two cheeses (Tomato Basil),  Montreal Smoke Meat grilled Cheese with smoked cheddar  ( Bistro Laurentien  La Coupole), “Banh Mi Grilled Cheese” (La Betise), Conté 3 years, apricots and walnuts (Thursday’s), Oka, smoked meat, smoked cheddar and onions marinated in beer (Pub BreWskey) and vegan grilled cheese  with spicy sausage (Webster culinary Café) will be a culinary discovery and an opportunity to meet friends.

During the Grilled Cheese Festival, these and many more will be offered at an affordable price 10 to $ 15 (before taxes). Some will  even propose side dishes with or without additional cost. There will be something for all taste.

Enthusiasts can find all recipes and participating restaurants on the official website of the festival:

Through participatory platform, grilled cheese eaters will give their opinion on cheese sandwiches eaten.

– We are pleased to announce that this year’s Grilled Cheese Festival will be participating restaurants in the following cities: Montreal, Quebec, Victoriaville, Trois-Rivières, Rimouski, Matane and Baie St. Paul.

– The Laiterie Charlevoix is an official partner of the event for a second year!

Watch our promo video here!

The Grilled Cheese Festival began in Quebec in 2015 on the initiative of RestoQué Already this year, the event will be held in other regions of Quebec, in collaboration with

Jean-Sebastien Langlois and Karl Baker founded in 2010 the popular site – a restoration guide has over 5,000 restaurants. In 2012, they acquired, event reference to Quebec with over 4 million page views per year. Since then, the duo has merged with the most important site restoration in Canada,, then RestoQué position as the new reference in Québec and around to find a restaurant. In 2015, the group of entrepreneurs has also set up the online booking tool Libro, already adopted by hundreds of restaurants in Quebec.


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