Fat Bastard Wine

I received the Syrah and the Chardonnay from Fat Bastard Winery to give them a try. Because of the name I first thought these wines to be from the New Worlds but realized they were from France. A 2016 Chardonnay is what I tried first on a nice sunny afternoon, keep in mind that I’m not a sommelier or wine expert so these are strictly my notes on those wines.

I liked the Chardonnay, I found it to be bitter on the first sip but then it became very buttery and sweet with time. I also found some hints of what seemed to be vanilla towards the end.

I tried the Syrah 2015 on another occasion with a nice steak on the BBQ and I was pleasantly surprised. Since it’s reasonably priced I was not expecting it to be so smooth. It match really well with the meat and had hints of pepper or spices. The color was also dark and pronounced and I was expecting a lighter hue of red. I was surprised to taste more of a berry flavor but it went really well like I mentioned with the steak.

Both of these wines were good, again I was surprised by the red and without been an exceptional wine it’s still is a very good option for an everyday wine with it’s price tag.

Try it out and let me know what you think!



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