Corte dei Pazzi

After a couple of days visiting Florence I needed a little quiet time in the afternoon around a nice lunch and drink.  Walking around looking for the spot that would give me that peace I stopped in front of Corte dei Pazzi. There was an alley like dining room area, which I could see was followed by a more formal dining room and all the way to the back a courtyard. I looked at the menu and thought this would be the perfect place for me for some downtime.

The courtyard offered tables in the sun or under umbrellas so you can chose what suits you best. Since you are not on the patio in front of the restaurant the place is nice and quiet. I saw a few couples sitting around and with the vegetation and flowers it also made for a nice romantic environment.

They had a lot of choice on the menu but since I was early they also offered a lunch special.  The dishes offered on that menu looked quite good and after ordering a glass of rosé I gave my order to my waiter.

I ordered some Penne all arrabbiata for primi piatti and a Filetto di Manzo (beef fillet) for secondi piatti. Fresh pasta in Italy are hard to beat and as much as this dish could sound boring in other countries this was delightful. The filet was not too much after the pasta and with a salad and some potatoes completed nicely the meal. The beef was cooked perfectly and was juicy and tasteful.

I passed in front one evening and I saw that it was completely pack so I suggest reservation if you`re planning to go during the evening.





Corte Dei Pazzi

Borgo degli Albizi, 54R, 50122 Florence

Phone: +39 055 2654094


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