Chocolate delivery in Montreal

Yes you read it right you can get awesome chocolates delivered to your door. I was approached by Planet Chocolat, a Belgium artisan chocolaterie base in the heart of Brussel. When I was ask to try  their chocolate and service I could not turn it down…who doesn’t like chocolate.

First off the delivery is fast, I received my chocolates in a matter of days. They have quite a selection on their website and have choices for all taste. The presentation and packaging is also very detailed. I received my order in a velvet bag containing my box of chocolate.

a-journey-through-the-world-of-flavours (5).jpg

The box I received was the “A JOURNEY THROUGH THE WORLD OF FLAVORS” and contain these chocolates

  • Uganda (80%): strong cocoa with a subtle roasted aroma
  • Ecuador (71%): the soft flavours of banana with a fresh, floral hint
  • Papua New Guinea (64%): chocolate with a very pronounced tobacco flavour and mushroom-like notes
  • Peru (64%)dark, bitter chocolate with a fruity hint
  • Costa Rica (64%): the fineness of bitter cocoa punctuated with smoky, woody flavours and with hints of flowers
  • Vanuatu (44%): mellow and creamy flavoured milk chocolate with hints of liquorice and cinnamon
  • Venezuela (43%): milk chocolate enriched with the flavours of hazelnut, almond and vanilla caramel
  • Grenada (44%): mellow and fruity chocolate (grapefruit and liquorice)
  • Congo (58%) : chocolate fondant with creamy notes of coffee, tempered by a gentle touch of raisins.

These were pure chocolate but there was also the following which you could use to combined with different flavours from the four corners of the world.

  • Black pepper: a spicy taste
  • Caramel: a soft, sweet taste
  • Kumquat: an acidic, lightly-bitter taste
  • Fine mocha: a taste reminiscent of mocha coffee
  • Cinnamon: a powerful taste
  • Candied violets: a fresh, spring-like taste
  • Thyme: a lightly spiced and bitter taste
  • Mint caramel: a taste of intense freshness
  • Coca beans: a crispy taste



The design on the chocolate works perfectly with the chart included in the box so you really know what you are tasting.  Those chocolates were all very good, I have to say that my favorite were the Uganda and Costa Rica in the pure chocolate and the Black Pepper and Thyme in the flavored ones.

If you are a fan of chocolate or if you are looking for a gift idea follow the links below to find out how to get your chocolates

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If you are anywhere else in the world you can always visit their : Global Delivery page




a-journey-through-the-world-of-flavours (3)

a-journey-through-the-world-of-flavours (2)a-journey-through-the-world-of-flavours (4)

a-journey-through-the-world-of-flavours (1)


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