Maker Pizza


By Sebastien Robillard
Twitter: @fashionbpm

I was recently in Toronto and a friend wanted me to go try this Pizzeria she had heard of. After receiving a multitude of pictures of their pizza she had me convinced to go and check it out. As we were Saturday decided to go there for lunch. If you’re going there by car pay attention to the addresses as it does not look like a Pizzeria from the outside, I actually passed straight and had to come back.

It was not too busy for a Saturday but since they have limited amount of sitting area on a center table and side counter that fitted me just fine. Decor is really cool and modern and the motto that welcomes you in  is very cool also ” Seven Days With No Pizza Makes One Weak”.


I was handed out a menu when I got to the order counter and had to make a choice between their 4 white sauce pizza and 6 tomato sauce ones. I set my eyes on the  NAPOLI DYNAMITE  a pie topped with Italian sausage, green olives, roasted jalapeno, roasted red pepper, basil, olive oil, Fiordilatte, Parmesan, mozzarella and tomato sauce. I like spicy food so that seemed to be the perfect choice for me, not been a fan I told them to hold the olives and that was not a problem.


I took a small pizza but it was still a good portion. Luckily as even for eat in they serve it in the box, I just had to close it up and take it to go. They have like I mentionned about 10 kinds of pizza but also offer you the option to create your own. Besides pizza the also offer sandwiches, salads, wings and pasta.

This was a great culinary experience, staff is super friendly and make you feel like a regular even on your first visit. Since I gave my name for the order I heard “Bye Sebastien see you next time” coming from the counter as I was about to walk out. I will surely pay them another visit on my next trip to Toronto. They are open from 12-12 everyday and take debit and credit cards.

Maker Pizza
59 Cameron Street
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2H1

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