Osteria Del Proconsolo

One of my best meals while in Florence was here. Located on Via Del Proconsolo between the Duomo and Pallazo Vechio this osteria has a very cool atmoshpere. The decor is very rustic and the staff is super friendly and attentive.

One of the specialty of Florence is the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, unfortunately it’s sold by the kilo (2lbs) and been alone I didn’t get to try it. The ones they had here looked excellent and that is what originally attracted me in.

Looking over the menu I decided to skip the antipasti and just go straight ahead and order some fresh pasta and a secondi piatti. Everything looked good which made my choice tougher but the wild boar sauce from the Parpadelle is what made me settled on it.  For main I went for the Ossobuco alla fiorentina, I really like Ossobuco and it was on my food list to eat while in Italy.

As I was enjoying a glass of Chianti and the first bite of my Parpadelle al ragu di cinghiale I totally understood while this place has been open since 1969. The pasta was fresh but I just don’t know how to describe the sublime taste of the wild boar sauce. I was already in heaven with that first dish but then I was also pleasantly pleased with the Ossobuco. The meat was so tender but also very tasty, even cooked in the sauce you could still get the taste of the meat which was not overpowered by the sauce.

I was full so I had to skip dessert but I needed my espresso and the staff was super nice and offered me a limoncello  to end this spectacular meal. Great ambiance and the effective and friendly staff should really make you enjoy your visit if you stop by and see them, when I’m back in Florence they will definitely see me again.

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Parpadelle al ragu di cinghiale
Ossobuco al Fiorentina





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