Hush Puppies – Evan Maddow


TWITTER: @Seb_Blog

One thing I do is walk a lot, my average is minimum 5 km a day so having proper shoes is a must. That been said I’m not going to wear sneaker to the office so that’s why I was delighted to get a pair from Hush Puppies. I selected a pair of Evan Maddow that are stylish but also very comfortable, I walked 6 km the first time I wore them without the slightest discomfort.

At the first look at the sole I was a little puzzled, but then realized that they had the Hush Puppies® patented Bounce® technology that reduces the stress on your feet by absorbing the energy generated when you walk.   Bounce® Dual-density outsole releases energy with each step by absorbing and redistributing shock. Also the  HPO2Flex™: Cushioned triangle footbed pattern conforms to the way you walk, providing air circulation,  flexibility and superior support.

Since I’ve been wearing them I got nothing but compliments on them and some surprise to the fact that they are Hush Puppies. They have many styles for men and women and if you walk a lot like I do or are just looking for a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes you should definitely look up their website. They are easy to order and you can pick many styles, some more casual and some more dressed, from their latest collection or their outlet store. They also show you lots of pictures from all angles so you clearly get an idea of what you are buying. Visit their website and tell me what you think of their collection.




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