Craft and Commerce 

This is another cool place I discovered while in San Diego, located on West Beech street this restaurant as a pretty cool decor and offer generous portions. When you walk in they have a nice bar area and dining up front. As you are moving from room to room the decor changes a little bit. I ended up in the back section. The walls had bookshelf like an old study and the bar in that area had a stuff lion in a glass case over the bar that was different from what you normally see.

As for food, the menu offers a good variety. I started with some charred broccolini served with a sunny side up egg on top, shaved salumi, lemon vinaigrette and parmesan. I like the charred taste and the different ingredients mixed well to get the appropriate taste. I followed with a Duroc Pork Flat Iron. This was a very tasty pork au jus served with shishito and mushroom hash, leek puree and fava beans. If you’re very hungry this is the perfect dish to take as I honestly think it could have comfortably fed two people. They also had a lot of other smaller dishes on the menu, if I would have been accompanied I would have probably shared that dish and order a couple of smaller ones.

Pretty cool place to go, they can also accommodate groups and they have an outdoor patio terrasse.


Craft and Commerce

675 W. Beech St
San Diego, CA 9210

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