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Aside from gambling Las Vegas is also known for countless activities. Shopping, nightlife and shows are just a few but eating is also up there on that list. Most hotel offer a vast variety of different restaurants from food courts to buffet and specialty restaurants. If you’re staying at the Venitian or Pallazzo or are attending a show the Sand Expo, Otto is a good choice to have some lunch or dinner.

Like most hotels in Las Vegas the Venetian has inspired their decor by their theme to fit which you’ll guess from the hotel name is based on Venice. They went as fas as recreating a piece of Piazza San Marco which honestly with the painted ceiling and light effect give you the illusion you could be Italy.  This is where Otto is located and will be easy to find when you’ve reach the Piazza.

For the menu they have a pretty good selection and that will cost you for lunch cheaper than some of the food courts and buffet. As for the food though we are not talking about the same quality. I went there twice for lunch and was very pleased with the portion, taste and price ratio.

On my first visit I had some bread gnocchi, don’t be confused I had to asked twice myself when I was told as I’ve always seen gnocchi made out of potatoes although I know there can be variation in the recipe including breadcrumbs. Made with pancetta, tomato sauce and Parmesan they were pretty good. The sauce was a little salty but we were told that the chef really likes his salt, that dish has also been removed from the menu so you might need to ask if they can make it for you.

On my second visit I had the other item that attracted my attention on the menu the Pizza Vongole. I really liked the thin crust with the mozzarella, clams and pepperoncino. The pizza was pretty big but the mixed of ingredients didn’t make it feel to filling so I actually managed to finish it all. They also have lots of other dishes on their menu all reasonably priced. Eating on the recreation of the San Marco Piazza is pretty cool but while enjoying some good Italian food it will put you even more in your surroundings. Who knows after your meal you might be tempted to go for a Gondola ride on the Venetian canals.


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