Tiradito, tapas Peruvian style


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If you like to try different kind of foods Montreal sure has a good variety. I recently discovered this new Peruvian restaurant Tiradito. It barely open a couple of weeks ago and passing by the decor really got my attention. Having not heard of it before I went in and since I had eaten already settled for a drink at the bar. The waiter confirmed while bringing me the menu that they had just opened the night before. They have a nice authentic cocktail selection and the drinks are very good too.

Since I wanted to try the food I revisited the place a week later to truly get a feel of the place and food. The menu is ”Tapas” style and they have a good variety of that ranges from meat to vegetable and fish. They are also reasonably priced and you will definitely need to order a few dish if you are having a full diner. If not a couple of them can make a good appetizer.  I like the menu format because I get to try lots of different food, aromas and tastes.

I was with a friend so we ordered six dishes but I wanted to keep it a light diner. We started with some Papa Rellena a nice mixture of potatoes and beef with a mild chili sauce. The Tamales Con Queso wrapped in a banana leaf and served with salsa of tomatillo verde was also good . We kept mostly the rest of our order to fish and seafood as we got Tiradito of Tuna served on leche de tigre with Amarillo peppers and choclo corn. The Tostada was actually my favorite, made with crab, avocado and Tobiko. The Octopus Anticucho was also very good, served on a stick it’s easy to eat but make sure to get some of the sauce at the bottom of the bowl to get the whole taste experience. The  Concha a la Chalaca a ceviche of scallops with onions, tomatoes, Amarillo peppers with some lime.

It’s a fun concept and place to go eat at since it’s one huge square bar that surrounds the different stations where you see your food prepared. As you can see by the pictures the presentation is great and makes every dish as interesting as tasteful. I strongly suggest a reservation as there is not that many seats and they are already quite popular (got the last 2 seats on a Wednesday at 6:30). Overall a great culinary and cocktail experience in a chill vibe environment.

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Papa Rellena


Tamales Con Queso


Tuna Tiradito



Octopus Anticucho
Conchas a la Chalaca

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