Imadake Isakaya


I like Japanese food and I especially enjoy Isakayas. The atmosphere and ambiance is always festive and you know you’ll always have a good time. That’s why when friends suggested we got to Imadake for a friend’s birthday on a Tuesday I knew we would have a good time.

I usually enjoy sharing dishes but people were very territorial with their food that night so we all ordered our own dishes.  I ordered some asparagus with bacon, I mean let’s be realistic who can say no to bacon? I also had some pork dumplings that were very good and the Takoyaki which are octopus breaded balls were also very good. I also had the fried chicken that is always good there.

This is a place where you’ll always have fun and enjoy good food, we stayed away from the sake bombs that night since it was a Tuesday but they have a good selection of warm or cold sake and they also serve the Saporo in a 1l format. That’s the perfect size if you want to be reasonable and only have a couple of beers.

 The decor is cool and laid back, they can easily arrange for groups. The staff is always nice and are ready to get you in the party mode as soon as you walk thru the door. I would suggest making a reservation as even during the week it got pretty full at one point and weekends are usually busier.

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