Montreal 375 – Free activities for the June 3-4 weekend

Here’s what’s happening this weekend for the 375th. If you want to see the entire schedule including paid events you can always check out their website


Celebrating Heritage with the Ecomuseum

June 2th, 3th, 10th, 17th, 25th jand July 2th – Écomusée du fier monde, Marché Saint-Jacques, École Garneau
L’Écomusée du fier monde
Discover the community’s heritage and celebrate some of our history’s important anniversaries: Montreal’s 375th, Ecole Garneau’s centennial, Bain Généreux’s 90th and Saint-Jacques Market’s 145th. The celebrations will consist in: an exhibition stand on local history & heritage, entertainment for all ages and street circuits in the neighbourhood; all in a festive and musical atmosphere.

La ville suspendue at Pierrefonds-Roxboro

June 3rd and 4th – Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques
The McCord Museum

La ville suspendue, is an exhibition-installation inspired by Montréal’s clotheslines and monumental neon signs. First and foremost, it is a series of selected pieces which represent the city as it has evolved through history; the city suspended in time, at different instances, between its past and its future. Montréal’s history is represented by eight major symbols, each of which evoke a segment of the city’s development. Different characters embody the history of each borough. The focus is on the element of fiction, which was inspired by Montrealers’ memories and reflections. What emerges are stories that capture a slice of urban life, which are highlighted by historical vignettes. Everything is tied together by series of moments that recall key events in the development of our neighbourhoods. Photos, stories and historic events are woven together to create an exhibition-installation everyone will have fun discovering.

Radio-Canada radio live from your park! At Pierrefonds-Roxboro

June 2nd to 4th – Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques

All summer long, Radio-Canada’s radio stations will be heading outside to a park near you! Come meet the teams from the ICI RADIO-CANADA PREMIÈRE and ICI MUSIQUE programs, which will be taped live from your borough. You can catch an ICI MUSIQUE music performance, sit in on the taping of 15-18, the program hosted by Annie Desrochers every Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., as well as take part in an array of activities all weekend long as you lounge on the grass.

The Grand Ceremony of Sagabone

Free event, admission to the Botanical Garden with fee.

Montréal has every reason to be proud of playing a pivotal role in the oldest peace treaty signed with the First Nations of North America in 1701. This June 3, the Grand Ceremony of Sagabone gives people a chance to celebrate the alliance forged between our Montréal ancestors and representatives from 40 First Nations. This remarkable meeting, held with the Calumet of the Great Peace of 1701, will unite peace pipe carriers from many nations, representatives of major religions, dignitaries and the public. Come celebrate the joy of living together in harmony!

Sagabone is the baby beaver, whose birth signals the arrival of summer. It symbolizes renewal, and persevering through difficult times. The Sagabone ceremony is a highlight moment of the year, during which we thank Mother Earth for coming back to life.

Let’s work together to make Montréal a city of reconciliation and living peacefully together for another 375 years at least.

VivaCité at Pierrefonds-Roxboro

June 3rd and 4th – Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques


Tackle obstacles for the youth of your community!
Desjardins is reinventing the art of having fun for the 375th’s Grande Tournée with VivaCité, a 2.0 skill-testing obstacle course. Whether you’re crossing the Jacques Cartier Bridge or climbing Mount Royal, roll a ball around different iconic obstacles in Montréal to collect the most points possible and make the Desjardins donation grow. Thanks to your participation, Desjardins could contribute more than $37,500 to community youth organizations in Montréal’s 19 boroughs to enhance the lives of young Montrealers.

Cirque Éloize à ciel ouvert à Pierrefonds-Roxboro

June 3rd to 4th 2017 – Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques
Cirque Éloize

Cirque Éloize invites everyone who loves Montréal to the 375th’s Grande tournée to celebrate the city’s different boroughs. Come discover your neighbourhood and explore adjacent districts in a festive, carnival ambiance! For 19 consecutive weekends, Cirque Éloize will present an exciting line-up of entertainment, a magical crew, local artists and circus performers. For the young and the young at heart!

Activities at every moment of the day:
– In the morning, a local storyteller will transport children to world that merges reality and the imaginary.
– In the afternoon, artists and musicians will mingle with the crowds and occasionally perform in addition to encouraging young and old to take part in circus and dance workshops.
– Saturday night, when the sunset’s magical rays light up the sky, a joyous procession will wend its way to the foot of the stage and kick off the performance L’Heure magique.

Show: L’Heure magique
This thriling 35-minute show transports us to a contemporary urban setting where eight characters come together then lose sight of one another. Seven circus numbers and upbeat staging make L’Heure magique an exciting spectacle of dazzling acrobatics and high emotions for audiences of all ages.

Carried by the wind, a postcard lands at the feet of one of the circus artists. She reads it and discovers a touching message that inspires her and lifts her spirits – it’s a love letter written in Montreal 25 years ago. As the acts unfold, other mysterious letters appear – each them from our beautiful city. The letters speak of love and friendship. Their words set off a whirlwind of emotions which, in turn, spark the circus performances.

In the final act, the characters at long last meet. They take the time to see one another for real, sparking hope and magic in the present moment.

Neighbourhood Treasure Hunts at Pierrefonds-Roxboro

June 3rd to 4th 2017 – Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park

Are you a bonafide Montréal buff? Know Montréal’s 19 boroughs like the back of your hand? Well, now’s a great time to put your smarts to the test during the great Neighbourhood Treasure Hunts! Two treasure hunts (one for children, one for adults) will take you on a discovery tour of the city’s streets and back alleys that elicit the biggest “ooooohs” and “aaaahhhs”. A fun and stimulating activity for the entire family!
375 years of history: that’s an awful lot of memories! Every corner of the city, north to south, east to west, has its secrets, its very own je ne sais quoi. Did you know that Montreal’s north is? Montréal north is not the true north. Because of an error in direction, Montréal has its own north, different from the rest of the planet!

Les Postes du futur at Pierrefonds-Roxboro

June 3th to 4th 2017 – Parc-nature du Cap-Saint-Jacques

Comptoir public

Montrealers and everyone who loves our city are invited to write a postcard to the future that will be sent to an address of their choice 25 years from now… just in time for Montréal’s 400th in 2042!
Some 40 Montréal artists have illustrated a number of different postcards to offer an original and diversified vision of the future for the citizens of today and tomorrow. Letter carriers in a
futuristic mail truck will be coming to borough parks to help you out and collect your postcards. As well, iconic postcards will be written by 19 of Montréal’s public figures and spark your imagination. What message will you be sending to the future?

375 reasons to celebrate!

June 3rd – Bibliothèque de L’Île-Bizard, le jardin de la bibliothèque et le parc Eugène-Dostie Arrondissement L’Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève

A full day of festivities that will highlight Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève distinctive features, thanks to performances from different musical genres as well as performances for the whole family that will take place in an outdoor party area.

Chats de ruelles at Pierrefonds-Roxboro

June 3rd-4th 2017 – Ferme D-Trois Pierre
la coopérative Le Comité en collaboration avec La Tohu

Presented by Le Comité cooperative in partnership with La Tohu

Alley cats is a mobile party that takes place each weekend in different back alleys of Montréal’s 19 boroughs. It offers a unique opportunity to build bridges between neighbourhood residents, cultural communities and citizens. The fun-filled, family-focused programming will include urban agriculture workshops, circus performances, shows by emerging artists, outdoor movies as well as an augmented reality experience for both the young and the young at heart.

Alley cats is a unique and friendly way to discover and celebrate Montréal’s busy back lanes. It is also an opportunity to showcase the urban, cultural and environmental heritage of our back alleys in a festive setting.

Flashmob in your

June 3th – marché Maisonneuve
Évènement Prima Danse

Flashmob is a dance performance with digital projections and entertainment for the whole family in front of various historical places of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Events every week for everyone, kids and adults! Prizes will be drawn!

Being neighborly in Lachine

June 4th – Quartier Fort Roland
Productions Multisens

An echoe to the daily life of yesterday and today through different theatrical and musical animations, sung on balconies, street corners and the different surrounding parks in the Lachine neighborhoods.

Saint-Michel en 375 Saveurs

June 4th – TOHU

Vivre Saint-Michel en santé

In this three-part event, 375 people will be mobilized across three areas of Saint Michel for a Flash Mob; a documentary about the creative process of this mobilization will be made; and an event at La Tohu will take place in June 2017. A collection of correspondence will be made up of letters, postcards, etc., and done throughout the year on imaginary or real bridges in order to unite the borough geographically, from one bank to another, from the Francon quarry to the autoroute Métropolitaine.

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