Take-Out: Garde Manger

We have so many places to choose from when ordering take-our or delivery but why settle for ok food when you can get a meal conceived by a chef. This is the place to me that combines great taste and recipes with comfort food. I always enjoyed eating there and even if I would have preferred to be in the dinning room, the Garde Manger “At Home” didn’t disappoint.

I couldn’t make up my mind while looking at the menu and kept going back and forth between the Mac’N Cheese and the Parpadelle. Call it winter blues or just gluttony I just decided to order both and thinking I’ll have some left over for lunch the next day. Thanks to how it tasted that never happened and ate the whole thing in one serving, in my defense the portions are good but not too big.

Mac’N Cheese is always a good choice, I can’t understand the people who don’t like it. The variance of their Mac’N Cheese is that they don’t use macaroni. What you get when you order is mini lasagna noodles, aged cheddar and Velveeta bechamel, smoked gouda, corn flake and pecorino crust. I love pecorino so that crust was just awesome and the corn flake gave it a crunchy texture that mixed with the creamy bechamel was just awesome.

Parpadelle can’t do no wrong, it has to be one of my favorite pasta and is the only pasta that I cannot fathom been served with anything else but a meat sauce. That’s why when I saw fresh house made pappardelle with Quebec lamb, pancetta, onions, garlic stewed in a tomato sauce, Grana Padano cheese, basil I knew I had to have it. I’ve done many trips to Italy and this was made and tasted just like I would have expected while in the old country.

We’re all going through hard times and we all deserve to treat ourselves once in a while and Garde Manger is one of those places that will offer you a treat.

Garde Manger “At Home”




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Parpadelle Al Ragu
Mac’N Cheese

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