How much do you use your Ipad?


I don’t know about you, but I sure do use my Ipad quite a bit. I use it every day, to read, write, and give presentations or take notes at work. Here are a few of the apps I like to use on a daily bases.


I like reading and the Kindle app works well for me. I haven’t bought a book in over a year and a half, as I use my Amazon account to find free books to download in my Kindle app


I was at first a little worried about those free books but I got to admit that I have been entertained by a lot of those authors.


I like to read novels but I also like to stay on top of technology,news and business.


Since I don’t always have the time to read all the article that interest me each morning,

I send them to my pocket app. The app work on or off line which makes it easy to use anywhere you are connected or not.


For writing, taking notes and presentations, I like to use Evernote.


If you don’t own a Mac Evernote is pretty cool since you can sync all your device and have access to your notes from your desktop, Iphone or Ipad. I also purchased a Moleskin Evernote edition notebook which allows me to take hand written notes and transfer them in the app via the camera in the app.

Bluetooth Keyboard

I kind of got use to write on the Ipad but an add-on to consider is the Bluetooth keyboard.


I have the Logitech keyboard that also is an aluminum case, it works great and the battery life is very good. I have to admit that I don’t always carry it as it would bring up the weight of the Ipad close to a laptop.

How do you use your Ipad and do you have any apps you would like to share? Leave me a comment.

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   By Sebastien Robillard

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