Best Dumplings in Town

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It’s always nice to discover new places to eat, but for me this was not a discovery, I’ve been visiting them for a few years. If you like dumplings you need to pay a visit to Mai Xiang Yuan. They have two locations, one in Chinatown on St-Laurent and one in front of Lasalle College on St-Catherine. In my opinion they are the best dumplings in Montreal. You can have them fried or boiled or even in a soup, every dumpling is hand-made the minute your order, nothing is pre made.

For the soup the choices are more limited but they have a variety of beef, pork, shrimp and lamb for the boiled or fried. All of these meat choices are also combined  with different ingredient such as coriander, mushroom, leak and more.

The one dish you must try is the cabbage,carrot wasabi salad, it is delicious.This is a great place to try good food at a reasonable price. I don’t think I ever spent more than 40$ for 2 people on my many visits. As for the dumplings do challenge me if you know of a place for great dumplings that you think would be better.

Mai Xiang Yuan

1084 St-Laurent, Montreal

1929 Ste-Catherine West, Montreal

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   By Sebastien Robillard
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