Forget about Vodka Cranberry and go try some real drinks

photo credit : Lab Comptoir a Cocktails website
photo credit : Lab Comptoir a Cocktails website

By Sebastien Robillard  @fashionbpm

When it comes to my drinks i’m pretty constant, you’ll see me drinking beer, wine, vodka tonic or scotch. Even when if we’re talking shooters I usually stick to Jägermeister or Chartreuse. For all other types of cocktails unless we are referring to a classic Old Fashioned or Manhattan I’m not very adventurous unless I know the bartender real well. That’s why going to a mixology bar can be fun but I often find myself regretting ordering certain drinks, I find they have a tendency to be too sweet. I went to the Lab Comptoir a Cocktails with a friend after movies, as we were planning a relax night I figured a few of cocktails from their mixologist wouldn’t kill me even if it was not my regular poison. We were lucky when we showed up as there was room at the bar for us to sit. This did change quite fast though and I strongly suggest giving them a call if you’re planning to visit them. The bar is not very big but as a warm feeling, if you get to sit at the bar you will also have a view at their very well stack bar. They also have a DJ but on my few visits there is not a specific style of music to the place.  As I was offered the menu I browsed true it I picked something that didn’t seem to elaborated an Hendrix Cucumber and Chartreuse. OMG this stuff was pretty amazing and I got to say got me to put my guards down towards trying some drinks. As we got to know our bartender a little better she asked me what was my regular drink. I mentioned I liked Scotch so she went on suggesting drinks that had a Scotch base. My friend was also like a kid in toys store trying all kinds of different drinks, one was actually pretty decorative as it was a Jack Daniels drink served with beef jerky hung on a clothes line looking apparatus attached to the wood board it was served on. Since I don’t want to be judge I won’t confirm how many drinks were sampled during that evening but here a few pictures. Since that first visit I’ve been there 2 more times and the Nirvana and the Buffalo Earth are my favorite drinks.  They also make and sell their own syrup and bitters. They have a fire show also at one point during the night that I actually witness twice out of the 3 times I’ve been there. If you’re looking for a different bar type experience I think you will have fun there.

Lab Comptoir a Cocktails

1351 RUE RACHEL EST, MONTRÉAL QC (514) 544‑1333 

photo credit : Lab Comptoir a Cocktails website

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