Burger King reaches out to McDonald’s to create the McWHOPPER


By Sebastien Robillard @fashionbpm fashionbpm@gmail.com

Would you eat it if McDonalds accepted Burger King’s peace offer? This is what could be found on the Burger King YouTube chanel.

“In honor of Peace Day, September 21st, Burger King is calling for a ceasefire with McDonald’s. We’re inviting them to work with us to create the McWhopper, a combination of our respective signature sandwiches. If they say yes, this peace loving burger will be available for one day at a pop-up McWhopper shop in Atlanta, Georgia on Peace Day”

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it will happen, here was the response by McDonald’s on their Facebook page


For more details on Burger King’s offer they started a website for it: mcwhopper.com

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