Le Burger Week 2015

Photo credit: Le Burger Week
By Sebastien Robillard @fashionbpm fashionbpm@gmail.com

It’s this time of the year that every Burger-Lover has been waiting for. Starting tomorrow Le Burger Week will be on for a full week all over the city. Here’s Le Burger Week’s description of the event:

Burger-lovers throughout Canada are feeling the hype, because the fourth installation of Le Burger Week is just around the corner! Taking place between September 1st until September 7th, the Montreal edition of Le Burger Week promises to be juicier and tastier than ever. With over 40 participating restaurants, customers are encouraged to chow down like never before, because, when it comes to a burger, you deserve it!

Making its grand debut in 2012, Le Burger Week is a week long festival, which has evolved from one city, 30 restaurants and 10 000 participants, into a festival spanning five cities, over 150 restaurants and 150 000 participants! Every year, the participating restaurants, who are carefully selected, each create a unique burger consistent with their overall concept and cuisine. These participating restaurants offer a special “burger price”; where their burger-lovers are then encourage to vote, in the hopes that they will crowned the winner in one of the following categories – “The Imposter”, which is the “best” fake burger – “Judges Choice”, the most popular burger, and, finally, the “Best Veggie”.

Voting is simple. All one needs to do is to try a burger at one of the participating restaurants and then vote on http://www.leburgerweek.com or, off the brand new ” Le Burger Week App” ; available both on iOS and android.

Le Burger Week will be offering prizes for their burger-lovers as well. Participants are encouraged to try as many burgers as they can at each of the participating restaurants. They gain participation points based on the number of burgers eaten. At the end of the festival, the burger lover with the most participation point will win a handful of gift certificates from the participating restaurants. Furthermore, this year, Le Burger Week will be launching their #LeBurgerSelfie initiative – a fun and interactive way that will encourage participants to post a picture of themselves with a burger in their face across their social media platforms. The winner of the best #LeBurgerSelfie will be gifted a FitBit (www.fitbit.com), because, let’s be honest – after a week of burger-indulgence, working out will be a priority.

Created by local entrepreneurs (and burger-lovers) Na’eem Adam and Thierry Rassam, Le Burger Week, began as a fun foodie festival in Montreal, and, in 2015, will also be taking place in; Winnipeg, Toronto, Quebec City and Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. As Thierry Rassam eagerly states – “We are a grassroots startup working out of kitchens; tow guys who really love food, good times, and bringing people together with a goal to grow the festival into the biggest and most fun food festival in the world”.

The popularity and eagerness of other cities to adopt Le Burger Week derives from the natural business opportunities the festival provides its host city. “Our model encourages people to experience new places and visit different parts of the city. Our mission is to stimulate businesses in cities based on a fun and adventurous idea, and to find the truly best burgers in each city with the help of burger-lovers everywhere” co-founder Na’eem Adam explains. ” Every participating restaurant has greatly benefited from our festival” – a statement which is evident from the ever-growing crowds and long lines of foodies that form each year around the participating restaurants.

Le Burger Week’s burgeoning popularity is also evident in the growth in number of participating restaurants in each city; this year, Montreal restaurants involved have exceeded 40! Get ready to savour Taverne F’s ” Burger de Boeuf et Foie Gras“, Freshmint’s “Morrocan Lamb Burger“, Burger Bar Crescent ” Detour Burger“, and this is only a fraction of what Le Burger Week has in store!

To see what burgers will be offered at the different restaurants: Le Burger Week 2015: Montreal Burger Guide

For more information regarding Le Burger Week, visit www.leburgerweek.com 

Photo credit: Le Burger Week
Photo credit: Le Burger Week
Photo credit: Le Burger Week
Photo credit: Le Burger Week
Photo credit: Le Burger Week
Photo credit: Le Burger Week
Na'eem Adam and Thierry Rassam Le Burger Week[2]
Photo credit: Le Burger Week Na’eem Adam and Thierry Rassam Le Burger Week

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