Need to blow a little steam or do a team building event? How about Axe Throwing…



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Most people I know live or work in a stressful environment. Some of them go the gym to release some stress, some others are in sports or find their creative sides but nothing beats throwing stuff! I was invited to go and try the Bad Axe Throwing new location that just opened in Montreal.

They’re a new comer to our city but are well establish opening their first location in Burlington Ontario in 2014 and are now throughout the country with a total of 10 locations. The concept is pretty easy some axes some targets and some anger. Actually scratch that last part anger will get you no where. It sounds pretty easy to throw an axe but you got to make sure it sticks to the target.

You will need to be a group of minimum 8 people to try this. I’m sure you could be less as long as you cover the entry fees for 8. With this you get the entire place to yourself and will get with the help of a trainer the basics of what to do to start and then move on to more difficult challenges.

Our trainer was super cool, Kayla was very patient and even if she looked very innocent she’s a mean axe thrower. Having to deal with me and my friends for an hour and a half I’m surprised she didn’t use her skills on one of us. In all seriousness she knows what she’s doing, she gave us all the rules and tips to have a safe and pleasant experience.

Now comes the moment of truth, can we throw an axe? After showing us how to hold it, the technique and slamming one right on target it was our turn to try. Call it beginners luck but mine stuck right on target as some of my friends just bounced right off it. It’s not as easy as it looks but you learn real quick.

After doing some target practice Kayla felt we were ready for something a little more challenging  Tic Tac Toe. On a checkered target playing in teams we had to hit the target and make a Tic Tac Toe. Axes are removed after each throw but I can tell you that it’s one thing to hit a bulls-eye but another to hit a specif area of the target for the win or the block.

I don’t know if you’re competitive but me and my friends are, so a 10 round point challenge was just what was needed after practicing our accuracy on Tic Tac Toe to see who would get the bragging rights of been axe throwing top dog.  I didn’t win and I won’t mention the name of who did to add to his hysteria but we had a great time. I thought 2 hours of throwing axes would get repetitive after a while but the different games and challenges make it all more fun and the whole gang just loved it.

You can go with friends or even organize events, they hold birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties and corporate and team building events.

The cost is 44.75$ per person for 2 hours including your coach, you can bring snacks and refreshments. They have music but you can also connect to their Bluetooth speaker if you want to play your own. You cannot just show up so you’ll need to contact them and book your time with them so they can appoint a coach and time for you.


Here’s a few videos to get an idea of what it’s like

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