JACKALOPE – 5th edition

Photo Credit: Babas



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JACKALOPE is the biggest action sports festival in Canada. It features, among others: the only stop of the World Skateboarding Cub on Canadian soil, and the only one of its kind in the country. The fixed gear biking circuit has been hailed by the renowned Red Hook Crit… the freestyle motocross demonstrations are incredibly popular, and JACKALOPE also offers an introduction to slacklining.

And now JACKALOPE presents the premier of JUMP OFF, the base jump competition. What is base jumping? It is an extreme sports whereby athletes jump from a fixed object, with a parachute. “Base” is actually an acronym—B.A.S.E.—meaning:  building; antenna; bridge; earth. According to Marc-André Denault, JUMP OFF ambassador and special contributor for this first edition, “Competing athletes unanimously agree that The Montréal Tower at the Olympic Park is one of the best locations in Canada for base jumping, considering the inclined pylon structure, which makes the jump very safe. The symbolism of the Tower also represents a dream come true.”

Competition details:

  • At 165 metres and a 45-degree angle, the Montréal Tower is the highest inclined tower in the word.
  • Jumpers can count on a 60-foot free fall of one second, followed by a parachute glide of 490 feet lasting about 40 seconds.
  • The precision landing part of the competition includes a zone of about 50 by 120 feet on the Esplanade Financière Sun Life at the Olympic Park.
  • Special base jump equipment is used, and jumpers have only one parachute, contrary to jumps from an airplane.
  • Jumpers in the competition must have completed at least 200 base jumps, including 10 in the last 3 months, as well as more 500 parachute jumps and 3 years parachuting experience.
  • For a successful jump, wind speed at the top must not exceed 25km/hour and ideally, the wind should be at the jumper’s back, with a possible 90-degree variance.


When: August 19 to 21 

Where: Esplanade Financière Sun Life at the Olympic Park, Montréal


JACKALOPE is about sport… but it’s also about a certain lifestyle. This way, everyone can experience the installations that have been created for all to enjoy all the summer fun. Plus, there’s all kinds of activity: a DJ, food truck and pop up shops, after parties, and more. The organizers are also offering an exclusive weekend pass for $15, until the end of June. Visit tickets (free for kids 10 and younger).

Photo Credit: Babas
Photo Credit: Babas
Photo Credit : Babas
Photo Credit: Babas

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