Chasse Galerie

I went to try this new restaurant that my friend had told me about and wanted to try. The menu and the pictures I saw made it even more appealing and even if the temperature was simply freezing we decided to brave it and give it a try.
The restaurant is located on St-Denis in a sub basement that make it quite quaint. It is not that big about 50 seating, but it just gives it more charm and warmth with brick wall and dim lightning.

They have different menu options but nothing a la carte. You will have to decide which table d’hôte you will pick from. The ” Découverte” is a 3 course meal where you can choose from the menu. The “Épicurien” is a 6 course meal where the chef will make the selection for you and the “Choisir, c’est ce priver du reste” will get you everything on the menu. The only restriction on the menu is that everyone at the table must take the same choice. They also have a wine & cocktail pairing option and having tried it is worth it as their wine selection is exquisite.

Not knowing what we were getting into but both suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to food we agreed on the ” Epicurien ” with the wine pairing. I will give you my impression of the food but I was told that they regularly change the menu so from the time you read this and if you decide to try it some items might be replaced but i’m sure will be as delicious.

For starter they brought us the “Foie Gras” it was a mousse but with pieces of foie gras poêlé served with confit yuzu, meringue and a hint of maple. The smooth texture of the mousse and the lightness of the mix was excellent, foie gras can be really heavy but this was just perfect. The halibut was also very well prepared not overcooked and a good portion for a six course service. We followed with the mushrooms, I really liked that dish, served in an hazelnut butter emulsion the tastes just mixed perfectly. This might seem like a lot but the portions are made accordingly and the deer medium rare with rabioles, onions and turnip caramel was very tender.

Of course this had to finish with desert and we first brought the praline squash with Chai tea and cinnamon and then Le Chocolat a chocolate, caramel and fir Panna Cotta. They were both light and not too sweet and that fir Panna Cotta was very interesting.

This is a great place for a culinary experience and the staff knows what they are doing. Presentation and the use of unconventional plates is also a nice touch and who ever chose the wine for the pairing did an excellent job, definitely a new address to visit in the city.


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Chasse Galerie
4110 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal
(514) 419-9601

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Foie Gras
Le Chocolat

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