A fun and safe activity during the pandemic

I accompanied my friend this week who was invited to visit Illumi. I had visited it last year by foot but this year with the measures put in place by the government they adapted and are offering the visit by car. Depending of what the measures will be like they might go back to offering the visit by foot or minitrain.

The experience by car takes 60 minutes and since they have a limited amount of entry per time slots you will have to purchase your tickets in advance on their website https://www.illumi.com/en/schedule-and-rates/ .

As for the experience itself if you are wondering if it’s like last year, the newly configured three-kilometre route will take you to 9 new worlds, for a total of 17 scenes. An astounding 15 million LED bulbs will bring to life more than 300,000 breathtaking structures.

If you want to make an evening out of it they have food truck at mid point. If you’re taking pictures and want to enjoy both your food and the scenes I suggest using the parking area between the food trucks and the continuation of the route to eat before getting back to your visit. The food truck on the premises are Mr. Puffs, La Cabane a ChiChis, Jerry’s Casse Croute du Terroir and Kitchen 73.

For restrooms be prepared you will need to wear masks like in every public places. I’ve seen some along the way but obviously they are not everywhere and since you need to follow a route (with other cars in front of you) you will have to though it out if you missed your chance so plan accordingly.

The scenes are beautiful and enchanting, great for a date or a family outing.




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