Hiking: Pic de l’Ours via L’Escalier du Nord


Fees: $8.75 or SEPAQ access card Level: Difficult Parking: Yes Services: Yes

This is a 11 km hike with 584 m of elevation gain located in the Mont Orford National Park. The drive from Montreal is about an 1h30min. The access for this trail is by Le Bonnallie Service center entrance.

The hike is an in and out and it starts pretty much flat for the first kilometre from the parking to the trail but it is a hard hike. Once you reach the trail you will be going up 400m over 4km. The call the first part Escalier du Nord as there are rocks that create stairs but since they are not all the same height and some of them higher than others it doesn’t make it easy. The hardest part of the trail will be after the Roche Fendue peak all the way to the Pic de l’Ours peak. If you’re up for a 21 km hike you can continue at Pic de L’Ours to get tot Mont-Orford peak.

You’ll have 3 major view points along the way but the ones where you’ll have the most spectacular views and photo opportunities are Roche Fendu and Pic de L’Ours peak.

The trails are pretty clear and clean but there is a portion on the climb that is very rocky, if it rained it also gets pretty muddy. Hiking shoes are good but if you have boots and hiking poles that will be even better.

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Trail going up
Trail going up
First view point
Roche Fendu View Point
Trail as you leave Roche Fendu to Pic de L’Ours
Pic de L’Ours View Point
Pic de L’Ours View Point

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