Hiking: Maskanaw Trail

This is a 5 km loop hike located in Ste-Emilie de l’Énergie with a 349 meters elevation gain. The drive from Montreal is about an 1 hour and 30 minutes. The trail is accessible right off road 131 and there is a parking lot right at the entrance of the trail.

The trail is moderate, if you take the loop counter clockwise you will get the biggest incline at the beginning of the trail. The incline will go up steep for 1.2km and then you get your break until the fork to the summit. It is a short hike but you can also do like I did and add a few km by taking the Matawani trail for a few km in and out, and then rejoin Maskanaw trail and finish the loop.

There are a few nice view points but the whole trail is beautiful. Couple of nice views along the way, lake, river and from the summit. The trail itself is also very nice as sometimes your are walking on massive rock formation that create a boardwalk and at other points of the trail your are walking on a carpet of pine tree needles.

Not a lot of people on the trail when I was there which is quite nice if you really want to enjoy your day. Since it’s not located in a well known hiking destination I’m pretty sure it’s like that through the whole season. There’s also enough room at the summit to enjoy a lunch with a view even if there would be lots of people.

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