Snowshoeing: Au Diable Vert Yellow Trail

Version Francaise

This is a 5.1 km loop hike located near Abercorn in the Au Diable Vert mountain station with172 meters of elevation gain. The cost is 7.50$ and the trail begins 600m past the welcome center.

They have lots of trails to choose from. You will only find easy to moderate trails in this park unless you do the Red Trail clockwise where you will get to a point with a short but good incline.

The trails are super well indicated with a color system and they have maps at every crossroads and markers at regular interval on the trail. Do follow the trail indication as the Sentier de l’Estrie also goes through parts of the yellow and red trail.

This was a great discovery for me as the also have a camping, cabins and treehouse available for rentals, and to my surprise they still have a lot of availabilities for the spring. This site is also dog friendly, not only on the trails but in the rental units. Not all lodging accommodations have the same amenities I would suggest looking at their website if that’s something that interests you.

Another cool feature of this place is their enclosure with Highland Cattles. As you can see on my pictures below, they’re fury fellows and in that snowy day gave me some awesome shots.

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