gaZette Restaurant

Weekday end of the day and I just finished an appointment at the Montreal World Trade Center. Knowing that my fridge was at it’s perpetual state of emptiness I reached out to a friend to join me for drinks and dinner.  Also been a creature of habits I suggested a few of my regular spots but then remembered her suggesting I tried the Gazette Restaurant. Since it’s located in the Westin Hotel it has a nice bar and of course the dining room to accommodate the guest.  I sat at the bar and order a glass of wine while waiting for my friend to join and was happily surprised it was not over packed even if there was a convention happening at the Palais des Congres. Nice and quiet it was good to catch up and have a discussion without screaming it for the whole bar to hear. After a few drinks and menu in hands I’ve made my choice on the seared Cod.  Presentation was excellent and so was the food. My friend then told me the chef use to be the executive chef at the Ritz Carlton Montreal which explained the presentation and taste. If you’re in the neighborhood you should definitely try it, and if you have suggestions please send them to me.




gaZette restaurant
300 Saint-Antoine Ouest – Montréal


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   By Sebastien Robillard

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