How to pay your restaurant tab with your phone

Sunday I went out for a bite and to watch the game with the boys, as I walked in I barely had time to sit down that I was bombarded by them all to the fact that I had to download this new app TAB. What does this app do? Easy enough it allows you to pay your tab from your phone at the participating restaurants in Montreal and Toronto. It’s very easy to set up, you’ll just have to create a user and password, upload a profile pic to help waiters recognize you and enter a valid credit card. You can also decide in advance the percentage of tip you’ll want to leave or use their default choice. I have to admit that I was reluctant to do it at first since I prefer to pay by debit. Our first experience was also unable to be completed, but that was not the app’s fault but a human error. It is now downloaded and ready to use.  If you want to try this and get a 10$ credit applicable to your first purchase enter this promo code when you sign up TABROBILL.

Here’s how it works:

You can download the app both for ios and Android here:

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   By Sebastien Robillard

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