Maison Christian Faure

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If you are in the Old Port area this is a good place to have breakfast, Maison Christian Faure is a well hidden gem on Place Royal Street. Since my sister enjoys good food too and we had not caught up in a bit she was delighted when I said we should go try it. She had heard about it from many people but didn’t get around to pass by. When we walked in I was already pleased with the decor, a mix of modern with the Old Montreal feel. You walk right in the boutique area where you can decide to take some pastries to go or sit down and enjoy their breakfast or lunch menu. Sitting area is filled with natural light and is not very big, which makes it great to sit down and have a pleasant talk with friends.

Our waiter was very quick and helpful to explain the different options for the breakfast and lunch menu. We both opted for breakfast which consist of pain perdu, egg benedict with choice of ham or salmon, a Viennoiserie and your choice of beverage.

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Even though the portions are not huge like some other breakfast places, I was content with my meal. Our experience was great, food was excellent, and service was very good also. I will definitely have to go back to get some of their pastries has everything looked good.

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Maison Christian Faure
355 Place Royal
Montreal, QC, H2Y 2V3

Open every day 8am-7pm

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   By Sebastien Robillard

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