Le Darling

FRANCAIS A long, long time ago, the bar scene on St-Laurent was the place to be. Every bar had it’s own cachet or attraction and there was an effort made to create an environment for the clients visiting these establishments. I thought those days were over until I visited Le Darling. When I walked in […]

Maison Publique

  BY SEBASTIEN ROBILLARD TWITTER: @Seb_Blog EMAIL: FASHIONBPM@GMAIL.COM This is one of the restaurants that was on my list to try. If you watch cooking shows you probably know chef Jamie Oliver and him partnering up with  Chef Derek Dammann to open up this restaurant created a lot of talks. The concept behind the restaurant […]


BY SEBASTIEN ROBILLARD TWITTER: @Seb_Blog EMAIL: FASHIONBPM@GMAIL.COM Last week I was invited at the media opening of EAST PAN-ASIAN restaurant. Located in the newly open Rennaissance Hotel on Robert Bourassa boulevard (formerly University) and Cathcart Street. The latest addition to Groupe Satori, EAST Pan-asian, Cuisine & Bar celebrates the cuisine of all Asian countries and Old Shanghai […]

Le Hachoir

By Sebastien Robillard Twitter: @fashionbpm Email: fashionbpm@gmail.com I was looking for a place for brunch when I realized Le Hachoir was now offering them. It had been a while that I wanted to try the establishment but never got around to it. The place has a good vibe, I like the mix of wood, glass and […]


By Sebastien Robillard  @fashionbpm  fashionbpm@gmail.com  My quest to find new and different tasteful menu brought me to the Mile End this week. I was actually impressed by the many restaurants that have opened on St-Laurent between St-Joseph and St-Viateur. My sight was set on Sparrow as I wanted to try their brunch menu. I got […]